Chinese (Mandarin) class

Welcome to the Baie d'Urfe Language Group's Learning Chinese web page 

If you are interested in learning Chinese (Mandarin) please check our schedule and sign up for one of our classes. Chinese native speakers and Chinese as Second Language speakers volunteer as non-professional teachers to help you learn basic Chinese. 

You can learn how to speak Chinese (Mandarin), read Traditional and or Simplified Chinese, write Traditional and or Simplified Chinese.  You can learn the method that you desire to learn.  However you must use a method which is consistent for you. If you do not wish to learn the Chinese Characters you do not need to, you can just learn the Pinyin which is English version of Chinese.  Meaning Chinese is written in a form where English characters are used for pronunciation and reading.  Many of our Chinese learners are learning Pinyin only.  There are others who are learning Traditional or Simplified Chinese reading and writing too with Pinyin and Zhuyin pronunciation.

Example: 你好 Nǐ hǎo 你好

Lessons are provided to Chinese learners in paper format on the day of the lesson and following the lesson, PDF copies are sent via email to our students.  These lessons have been provided by the Taiwan's Overseas Community to Overseas Chinese who are interested in learning Mandarin (which is one of the many different Chinese dialects). The lessons are in Traditional and Simplified Chinese. There are Zhuyin and Pinyin pronunciation along with English translations.  Just perfect for a multitude of learners.  

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Want to learn Chinese (Mandarin) learn Pinyin pronunciation first?